I have always enjoyed having my hair colored and cut here.  I have complete confidence in my stylists knowledge and how that knowledge is applied to give me a color and cut that will flatter me.  I really like the new products that the salon researches for the clients.  I especially love the Keyano Clarity products.  It is now part of my daily routine and for me that is huge because I am not usually a faithful routine person with respect to makeup.  I love coming here for a variety of services. I always feel welcomed and appreciated. –Lorie Rosenwald 3/26/15

Every experience I am happy with but if I were to pick one it would be the fact that Andrea knows just what to do with my hair.  She has always made me feel special when I come to visit.  I feel welcomed by everyone.  Andrea is always on time and never rushes.  I have been able to get makeup advice from staff when I come for hair appointments.  –Andrea Cote 3/26/15

Just a nice group of talented professionals do a great job and enjoy their work.  I have a good relieving experience every time.  I had my three year old granddaughter in here and she had fun as well.  –Larry 3/27/15

I had a waxing done today.  Katlin always does such a good job. I never feel rushed and she is so detail oriented.  Great services are done by all.  They always keep me on time so I know I can schedule appointments between activities and be out in time to get my kids.  I love the loyalty rewards program too.  My points add up and I can get free services and products.  –Marie Valutkevich 4/17/15

I had an amazing pedicure experience with Adrianna! My toes have never looked so good! It was relaxing and so enjoyable! I’ll be back to see her soon! I was very pleased with my experience! –Rebecca Foley 4/16/15

I am always happy with my cut and color! Andrea is a phenomenal hairdresser, and is always fun! I have enjoyed every service I have received at Profilo.  My experience is always wonderful! –Carla Dobosh 3/26/15

Andrea always takes the time to discuss options, new techniques, options which are always great because I never come in with a plan! I love how Andrea always explains how to style new cuts.  My experience with Profilo is wonderful. –Kathy Krafsig 3/25/15

I can always trust Andrea, Jamie and the rest of the crew to do a great job and with a positive attitude.  I get consistent good results with different hairstylists.  They are good listeners.  My experience is always great at Profilo.  –Sarah Regnier 3/13/15

Jacqui always listens to what I want to try and if I have no idea she always offers lovely hair advice! My hair comes out perfect every time.  I am always recommended to try new styles that are popular! They always come out absolutely beautiful! I love my Profilo experience! –Kristen Gagne 3/18/15

Every experience is exceptional with Andrea.  She is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  She listens and advises and always gives me more than I expect.  I love the color and cuts she provides and have for many years.  She knows curly hair so well and brings out the best in my hair.  She is a very talented colorist as well.  She has become such a sweet friend.  –Jennifer Copley 3/10/15

Every single time I walk through the doors here I am greeted with a warm smile and an offer of coffee, tea, or water.  I never doubt the client is in the focus here.  When I had a scheduling conflict the attention to resolving it is so appreciated.  Andrea provides such an education on taking care of my hair from products to use to styling techniques to good nutrition.  It matters to her not only how my hair turns out but also how I feel when I leave the salon. She is a treasure! –Martha Huebner 3/10/15

Natalia does a wonderful job coloring my hair.  I get so many compliments and never am disappointed.  She is also super flexible and is often able to fit me in last minute when I have a special event to attend.  My experience at Profilo is lovely! –K. Houghton

Talking to the stylists is always a pleasant experience.  My haircut always comes out beautiful and I am always on time with my appointments.  My experience with Profilo is great! –Helen Woodridge 3/26/15

I am a 10 year client at Profilo. There isn’t another salon within driving distance that balances professionalism and hospitality the way Team Profilo does. My experience was exceptional.   -Ed Lopes  3/15/15
I love it here! It feels like family. The stylists, of course, are talented or I would not be coming back for 15 years. But they are also warm and friendly and fun. It makes the day something to look forward to. I have the benefit of my thick, wavy hair being tamed and styled masterfully by Jamie! Also I like being able to come to one place for all my services. I schedule two or three things every other week and it is a treat to myself.   -Maria Cutts  3/5/15

Natalia is always open to being creative. She listens well and does her best to give you what you want, while steering you away from a mistake! Profilo has great flexibility, if I am running late due to weather or kid emergencies, the staff is understanding and polite. Not always the case at other salons. I really appreciate this! As always I have had an excellent experience.  –Ann Brady  3/2/15
I have been a client for over 15 years. The customer service is outstanding, secondly to the skill of your stylists. I am so used to being happy with my experience that I remember a time the color wasn’t quite right. What is most memorable is that you corrected it immediately and easily without stress. When I leave no matter who I see I know I look good. I get great advice if I want a change, but don’t know exactly what to change. When I want to try something new, you find the most flattering way to accomplish it. I love it at Profilo. –Pam Zawada  3/2/15

I have been seeing Katlin for waxing for a year and a half now.  She is absolutely wonderful at her job.  She is thorough and precise, very skilled! She is also a joy to see every few weeks. I highly recommend her!  My experience is always fantastic! –Rebecca Foley 4/16/15

Jackie takes the time to make sure that my stubborn grays get covered. I never feel rushed and appreciate the extra time that she takes to make sure that my hair looks great. Everyone at Profilo understands that my time at the salon is often the only “down time” that I might get on a Saturday. From the cappuccino to the great service, they work together to make sure that I have a fun and relaxing experience. –Ellen Milne  3/12/15

Crystal makes every salon experience special. She is very creative and adapts beautifully to both the condition and possibilities with my hair. (Both color and cut) I get a fresh style and look from every visit. We are not simply going through the motions of same old same old. Crystal does a beautiful job with my brows too! Profilo has creative stylists that evolve with seasons. I trust Crystal’s talents so much that I welcome her trying anything with my style. It’s not a prescriptive experience! I get time for myself in a warm environment. My experience was relaxed and confident. –Susan Pellechio  2/28/15

I used to go to a Newbury Street salon exclusively after a few bad haircut experiences, but after having two young children and moving away from the city, I needed a salon that was a more convenient.   I was referred to Michelle at Profilo and was so happy to find that I did not have to sacrifice quality or a pampering spa-like experience for the convenience of a local salon. Fantastic service and a talented stylist, I felt very pampered during my experience. –Vanessa Hackett  2/28/15

Natalia does a fabulous job with my hair. She helped me make the transition to coloring it when it was time and has given me the best haircut I’ve ever had. I always enjoy my appointments with her.-Julie Matson  2/6/15

 Went to many stylists when I moved here and found Michelle and Profilo and loved both. It has been 8 years now. I really like the hours available. The staff/people are great. I really love the point system! I loved my experience at Profilo. –Rebecca Pessin  2/27/15

You know I love it here! Very relaxing and staff is hospitable and welcoming.  Alfredo makes a delicious cappuccino.  My mother is very happy with my blonde hair.  My experience with Profilo was terrific!       –Donna Walsh   3/6/15
They are able to manage more than one treatment: haircut/color/manicure.  They have wonderful attention of details. –Christine Yablonski  2/27/15
Jaime is always up to date with the latest techniques and styles.  She suggests fun things to do to change up my look. I love it! One of the things I like is that I can book my appointments for the year.  It’s easy and I can forget about booking every time I have a service.   My experience with Profilo was excellent.    –Donna Blight  2/26/15
Michelle always does a great job and I walk away feeling great about myself.  She is creative with her colors.  They are very flexible and Michelle always has great recommendations.  –Terry Cloonan  2/25/15
All the clinicians and stylists are so positive and uplifting.  They strive to make your experience special.  Kaitlin the aesthetician is marvelous!  I feel like my skin glowed when I was finished with my facial.  They listen to your needs and concerns.  They work with you, but also gently offer tips to better your appearance.  My experience there is always wonderful! –Lisa Collins  2/26/15
This was my first time back in a long time. I felt very welcomed and relaxed.  My feet were awful. I feel they were transformed.  I didn’t think it was possible to get my feet to look like this with one pedicure!  My experience was excellent.  –Edie Knight  2/26/15
I have been happy with every experience I’ve had here! I always look forward to my appointments with Crystal, and feel great and pretty when I leave.  She is fun, creative, and trustworthy! I have complete trust in Crystal which is huge for me! She discussed how to care for my hair and style. I know she takes into account the health of my hair too.  My overall experience with Profilo is comfortable and very happy! –Jocelyn Verdolino  2/24/15

Crystal always does an amazing job.  She is very good at making great recommendations.  I think my favorite experience was when she did the brush color effect.  I’ve actually been able to grow my hair out.  I don’t think too much about what needs to be done.  The staff are great at making sure it is the right cut, color and product to suite my needs. My experience there is always positive! –Laura C
Andrea has spent time looking at options for my hair color so I would be comfortable making a change and then executed and my hair always looks great! I always have a boost of confidence after a great appointment. I leave feeling highly satisfied.  –Heather Schwalje 2/24/15
I was asked to me a model for a do over and the team of Andrea and Michelle were so accommodating.  Their expertise was top-notch and the whole experience was memorable.  Their color techniques are always cutting edge with fabulous results.  I can always count on Andrea but in the event that I miss my appointment the entire staff is great too. My experience feels personalized like family. –Maureen King  2/24/15
Every time I am here Crystal knows exactly the color and cut that I want or am looking for.  She nails it every time.  Crystal always tells me what would and wouldn’t work for my hair type. She really is a consultant; I trust her completely. My experience with Profilo is excellent. 
Heather Smith  3/13/15

I like my new haircut.  Everyone is friendly and I look forward to coming back for more.  I always have a happy experience. –Jen P. 
Everyone is so happy and personal! They give great advice and friendship! My experience is awesome! They have a friendly atmosphere. –Charlie Nikopoulos   2/24/15
They give excellent haircuts and listen to requests.  They have good teamwork in the salon.  They are consistent with their good service. –Kathy Bowes 2/27/15
They have a friendly staff and I always have great results.  They are convenient and welcoming.  I had a great experience here.  –Tammy Andrade  3/18/15
I have finally gotten the right haircut and color for my type of hair and shape of face.  I was never really happy with my other hairstyle until Andrea found the right look for me.  I have gotten many compliments since she started cutting and styling my hair.  My haircut is very easy to maintain in between visits to Andrea.  Andrea is a huge asset to Profilo. She is awesome at what she does!  My overall experience was excellent. –Erin Cooney   2/24/15
I came in needing a change.  Sam’s expertise in both color and cut was transforming.  She turned my bland look into a masterpiece! I love the loyalty membership. I can apply points to products and services.  The gift cards with Profilo cash are great.  My experience here was fantastic. –Stacey Israel   3/4/15
I am always happy with the care and attention I receive at Profilo.  It is like a family.  There is always a well-trained expert ready to assist no matter who I see, everyone is excellent.  I often recommend family and friends.  I love my experience at Profilo.  –Heidi Davis  3/7/15
I’ve been coming here for eight years.  I always like my color! I love being able to do all services in one appointment.  My experience here is wonderful. –Beth M  3/7/15
Every time I leave my hair looks fabulous.  It is healthy, shiny and Andrea and all the staff sincerely want my experience to be a happy one.  When I’m at work I often have customers compliment my hairstyle and specifically ask where I got it done.  I always hand them Andreas name and Profilo’s phone number! What a compliment! I always leave very satisfied! –Lisa L  3/13/15
Adriana gives an incredible manicure and pedicure.  It is a pleasure to chat with her. Before going to Adriana I was not getting regular pedicures.  I now do and my feet are so much better of because of it. Profilo’s is very professional and attentive.  – Joanne Moss  3/13/15
I love the paraffin treatments.  They are very relaxing.  I have wonderful experiences with Profilo.  –Anita Gallagher  2/27/15
I like that the pedicures are in a private room.  Paraffin treatments are wonderful with winter skin.  I always feel relaxed here.  My experience is very nice! – Terry
Color and highlights always turn out exactly as I envision at each visit.  I have never left disappointed.  I always receive compliments on my hair thanks to Crystal.  I always leave with shiny hair and a color that lasts.  The staff is professional and friendly.  I give my experience at Profilo’s an A++.
–Emel Hamilton 2/28/15
Love the care, information given, the personalized treatments, and Jacqui and Sam are both incredible.  The results were the perfect look for my hair color.  The salon is beautiful. My experience was perfect.   –Rachel Finan  3/3/15
Every appointment with Andrea is fantastic! I have always trusted her fully and approach each appointment with an open mind and flexible attitude and allow Andrea to be creative.  I am continuously thrilled with the result and proudly walk out.  Specifically last session Andrea was able to apply a new style and technique as a very short haircut that people raved about.  I benefit from Andrea’s expertise in color and also from her ongoing training in cutting edge techniques.  My experience with Profilo’s is excellent! –Melissa Duquette 3/3/15
Jacqui does an amazing job with my hair wash and finishes.  The finish lasts me a good week.  Her personality is sweet and cheerful. She puts her clients first. My experience is always great!                            – Sherry Nelson   3/12/15
Jacqui was very attentive when it came to what I wanted for my hair color.  I got exactly what I wanted!  I always know I will leave happy. I always feel like I get my own time, no rushing.  My experience with Profilo’s is great! –Jennifer McCabe  3/4/15

 Andrea creates beautiful color. She highlights my hair with copper that is the perfect complement to my natural hair color and skin tone. My hair always looks polished and natural at the same time. I value the complete trust I have with Andrea. She will never steer me wrong when it comes to cut and color. I had a great experience! –Jenny Hart  3/2/15

I’ve been going to Andrea for 10 years and always a wonderful experience. She always does a great consultation and discusses style to give me something new. They have great service, expert cutting and styling. I had a wonderful experience. –Kris Quinn 3/2/15 

I had a great haircut by Heather.  I did not give her any direction and she just did her own style which was great.  I love that the staff is upfront and honest.  I misunderstood the website but before my appointment I was called and explained pricing which I appreciated so I was not surprised.  –
Angeline Casiello 5/5/15
In deciding about coloring my hair for the first time, Andrea discussed my options with me and listened carefully to my desires.  She offered shading choices that best suited my color.  I have been very pleased with the outcome!  She also makes sure that all costs are identified upfront so that I am ok with them.  Her expertise in color and technique is so awesome no one has figured out that I color my hair!! The biggest benefit that I find at Profilo is the professionalism of the staff.  They listen and respond in kind to my desires and always make sure that I leave satisfied! –Susan Ash 5/14/15
I am happy with the constant perfection from the Profilo staff.  I love the individual attention and kindness I receive.  Also there is great service from the front desk.  –Diane M 7/22/15
Every week I have my nails done and every week I am happy.  I love my time with Adriana.  Not only is she fantastic at what she does, but she is a very loving and caring person.  The obvious benefits of Profilo are that my nails look great and they are very healthy.  The true benefit though is that I am relaxed and feel that Adriana really cares about me as a person not just my nails.  –Kathy Bridge 4/20/15
Every service I receive at Profilo is perfect and I appreciate having one place to go, that knows me well. Adriana always makes sure everything is going well and is also fun to be around! For me a pedicure isn’t just a nice thing to do for myself, a pedicure by Adriana physically helps me walk better, without pain. I am appreciative with my experience at Profilo. –Suzanne Barns 6/13/15

I loved my blowout and makeup! Jess did a wonderful job! She took her time and knew exactly what she was doing. Before today I never had a blowout done this specific way, and I loved it. The makeup was done very well, it looked very natural how I like it. My experience at Profilo was very good! –Rachel Ebers 6/4/15

I’ve been getting facials monthly with Katlin for over a year now. Since turning 40 my skin needed a little extra exfoliation. I am absolutely amazed at the results I got from the derma lose peel. My skin has never looked so good. The results just keep getting better. At Profilo I have an amazing experience.-Maria Murdock

I’ve been coming to see Katlin every two weeks to a month for years. She always does a great job and makes me feel super welcome with awesome conversation. It makes me so excited to come in! I purchased a gift card for my mom on Mother’s Day and received a benefit for that. She was able to take full advantage of a great experience here. Overall I had a very positive experience. –Jamie Calabrese 7/15/15

Dear Alfredo-  thank you for being a wonderful mentor to Lauren.  I want to share a message that my dad ( Eli Freedman) sent to Lauren after his recent hair cut at Profilo.              
(Sent to Lauren on 9/4/15).     dear lauren--you know how old I am ( 98 years old in November) , that I have traveled a lot and had haircuts in many of those places.  I go on record  for you to tell Alfredo and those of his staff I met-(-Lisa==Andrea==Michelle=="the girl from Impanema" who was doing nails)==that it was the best haircut I ever got!  Also, not because I am your grandfather but you did very well. I am so glad your mother drove me there. 
Eli Freedman





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